Police Department



The Cedaredge Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency with 9 dedicated employees organized into Administration, Patrol, Investigations, Animal Control, and Code Enforcement.

The Cedaredge Police Department has received accreditation from its peers by earning the Professional Standards Compliance Award, which recognizes outstanding Police and Sheriff’s Departments throughout Colorado.

The Department earned this recognition due to its commitment to provide quality law enforcement services in partnership with the community. There are 232 law enforcement agencies in Colorado and only 35 of these agencies are accredited.


The mission of the Cedaredge Police Department is to advance the quality of a wide range of services to all citizens by exercising ingenuity, integrity, and accountability in striving for solutions for individual and community demands through the wise and efficient use of public funds, equipment, and available resources; and, to further a strong coordinated work effort that sustains a proper balance of priorities combined with adhering to the letter and the spirit of the law which promotes confidence, liberty, and community solidarity.


Each member of the Cedaredge Police Department is a professional who is dedicated to providing quality service. Combining personal skills, knowledge, experience, and training individuals from a competent and effective team. Trust, unity, respect, honesty, honor, dignity, commitment, fairness and compassion are our principle values. The energy that motivates these values is communication, cooperation, teamwork, innovation, initiative, and accountability. Our individual and collective integrity is measured according to our demonstration of these values.

By our commitment to these values, we endeavor to maintain the highest ethical standard whereby we deliver our services to the public in the most professional manner.

The supervisory and administrative staff further extends these values to the employees in that the staff recognizes that the employees are this agency’s greatest resource and dignity as paramount and mandates that peers, supervisors, and administrators treat employees fairly, honestly, and equally.

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